About This Book

This Book is for every person in the world who ever had a thought that the job world wasn’t for them. I give my personal take on leadership and all my secrets on how I personally turned 29$ into over 800k in income..I give real life advice to help you navigate in the new world.I personally have always been an unconventional Entreprenuer and DONE things my way and had tons of fun along the way.

This book will help you Build whatever you need to build from the ground up. Order a couple copies and bless people with the read and inspire any skeptical prospect you have.


The Vision

The Nomore925 campaign works with everyday people and help them explore their talents and passions. We have created an environment that allows adults to take a break from the every day negativity and dream again. We teach them how to manage their money and take the extra money they earn and turn it into 1000s from home.

Our main objective is to connect you with opportunities and give you the support and education you need to earn more then help others do the same. We always pay it forward.

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This book will give you a better understanding on life and opportunities.


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Law of attraction is real….

You don’t get what you want, you get what you vision yourself having…

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